Destiny 2 leak reveals the next returning raid coming in Season 22

Destiny 2 Crotas EndBungie

A recent Destiny 2 leak has revealed which raid will next be reprised from Destiny 1, returning to the game when Season 22 rolls around.

Destiny 2 has some of the most engaging PvE content a shooter can offer. The science fiction looter shooter has perfected the art of enticing players with fantastical rewards, provided they can meet the challenge. And there’s no better place to get amazing loot than in the raids Bungie releases with each expansion.

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Bungie has also begun reprising raids from the game’s prequel, with iconic raids Kings Fall and Vault of Glass already ported over. The transferred raids have their visuals upgraded and their mechanics updated to better suit the standards of a modern Destiny.

Instead of being dropped during major expansion releases, reprised raids are brought in every two seasons in an effort to keep players engaged. These are alternated between dungeons which also offer a form of endgame activity to players searching for it. Due to recent leaks, it seems we know what raid Bungie next has in mind for Season 22.

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Destiny 2 leak reveals Crota’s End as Season 22 raid

Crota’s End will be returning to Destiny 2 when Season 22 rolls around, according to The Game Post. The original raid saw Guardians face off against Crota, son of Oryx in a close combat encounter for the ages.

Alongside its return, Crota’s End will have its mechanics tweaked so that it better matches the power level of current Guardians, and so that speedrunners can’t sword skate their way to the finish line while blindfolded. On top of this, it’s likely the raid will reprise similar loot found in its Destiny 1 version, offering up a bunch of new gear and weapons for players to chase.

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However, this is still a leak, which means it’s not a guarantee that this raid will return. So do take this information with a grain of salt for now, though Destiny Bulletin has a solid track record. We’ll just have to wait and see what Bungie has in store as we get closer to the launch of Season 22.

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