Destiny 2 player accuses Bungie Store of lying after receiving wrong merch design

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A Destiny 2 player has accused Bungie Support of lying to them after they received a different merch design than the one they ordered from the Bungie Store.

Destiny 2 fans are some of the most die-hard when it comes to their game of choice. Whether that be in the form of love or hatred, fans of the title are incredibly passionate about Destiny 2. Naturally, this means players are often tempted to buy various bits of merchandise from the Bungie Store usually depicting something from the game.

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From jerseys to pins, the store offers plenty of options to players looking to pick up merch and represent the game IRL. The items on offer are typically depicted via images on the store website, which gives players a good idea as to what they’re actually buying.

However, players have recently reported a few incidents where the item they received from the Bungie Store did not represent the item that they had actually ordered. This led to one player launching an investigation with the Bungie Support team, only to then be accused of lying.

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Destiny 2 player claims Bungie Support lied to them regarding merchandise

Reddit user nathanc123 reported that they had purchased the Vanguard Sweatshirt from the Bungie Store back in 2021. Upon receiving the item, they noticed that the colors for it were not the same as advertised on the store.

“What I received had no grey on it, this had been replaced with a blue. I actually kinda liked the blue so I didn’t contact support about it,” the post reads.

After hearing about the other players’ experiences in recent weeks, Nathan contacted Bungie Support to see what they could do, but unfortunately, they told the player that the listed item was correct when they had purchased it.

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“As I understand it they are telling me that the listing was correct when I purchased the item (so it was listed as blue and has since been changed to grey).”

Nathan did some searching using the WayBack machine and discovered that the sweatshirt was shown as grey when they had originally purchased it back in 2021.

WayBack MachineWayBack Machine
Nathan provided evidence to show that the merchandise was the wrong color when ordered.

“This was over a year ago so it’s possible that the item is now grey as the listing shows, however, it was blue and was not advertised as such when I purchased it.”

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According to the post, Bungie has listed the item as out of stock, and Bungie Support has reached out to rectify this issue.

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