Destiny 2 players blast devs for adding Sparrows to Solstice Event at last minute

destiny 2 solstice sparrowsBungie

Bungie finally added Sparrows to Destiny 2’s Solstice Event, but fans aren’t happy about how long it took to implement the change.

This year’s seasonal Solstice Event kicked off on Tuesday, July 18, and will conclude on Tuesday, August 8. The popular Destiny 2 event tasks players with taking on special missions in the EAZ to unlock unique rewards.

But some were displeased upon learning that Sparrows wouldn’t be made available during the festivities. It was especially surprising news, since the vehicles appeared in Solstice Events in previous years.

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Destiny 2’s latest update addressed the matter by adding Sparrows back into the mix. Still, players can’t help but wonder what took so long and why the vehicles were sidelined in the first place.

Destiny 2 Solstice Event gets Sparrows at the last minute

Navigating one Solstice Event activity should prove a bit easier, thanks to the recently released patch. The Destiny 2 update notably “Enabled Sparrows in the Bonfire Bash activity,” according to patch notes.

While this is welcomed news, many players remain frustrated about how Sparrows were handled this time around. In response to a Reddit thread, one person wrote of the update: “[adding Sparrows] during the last week, classic.”

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destiny 2 solstice sparrowsBungie

Someone else added, “I am not even sure why they were disabled in the first place since you could use them last year.”

Comments on this particular reply joked that Bungie probably shelved Sparrows because of the “fun” users were having. “[If you] build a big map and players decide to ‘fly’ to the next spawn location on the map instead of slowly walking/running, you’d disable it too.”

And some seem certain that this song and dance with Sparrows will play once again during Destiny 2‘s 2024 Solstice. Said one Redditor, “And then next year it will start again without sparrows enabled.”

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This year’s Solstice Event ends on August 8, so players should enjoy riding Sparrows during Bonfire Bash while they can.

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