Kick streamer N3ON jumped & humiliated by thieves in wild video

n3on-kick-jumped-thievesTwitter: N3onOnYT

Prominent Kick streamer N3ON was assaulted and humiliated by thieves who stole his phone and shoes in a clip that’s taking social media by storm.

N3ON is a popular streamer on Kick, who currently boasts nearly half a million followers on the broadcasting platform.

The streamer is known for making divisive comments, as seen when he insulted fellow influencer Ali C Lopez regarding her weight during a viral broadcast with Adin Ross and Sneako back in May.

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N3ON’s comments caught the internet’s attention and sparked quite the debate — but now, he’s in the spotlight once again for a totally different reason.

N3on-kick-streamerYouTube: N3ON
N3ON (center) is a prominent YouTuber and Kick streamer who is known for his divisive comments.

Kick streamer N3ON attacked by thieves in viral video

On August 2, a video was posted to N3ON’s Twitter account showing himself being pushed around by a group of supposed thieves.

In the video, the thieves bragged that they had stolen N3ON’s shoes and pointed out that the neckline of his shirt had been drastically torn.

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“Aye, look whose shoes we got?” one of the thieves said, whose face was covered with a bandana. “We caught his ass lacking! Come on, bro.”

“You know not to come around here talking like that,” he added, as his mates continued to roast the streamer for his “horrible” shirt that’d been torn up.

The group went on to further clown N3ON, with one masked thief posing with him and even taking his glasses to try them on for himself.

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They bragged that they had stolen his phone before making the streamer say he was a “b*tch.” That’s where the clip ends — but the legitimacy of the situation is up in the air, as the video first appeared on N3ON’s own account.

It’s unclear if this was the doing of the alleged thieves or not, leaving some netizens unsure if the whole thing was actually real; but this wouldn’t be the first time a streamer was shaken down. In 2022, a Russian streamer’s phone was snatched right out of her hand as she was broadcasting on the beach.

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