Adin Ross ‘disgusted’ after Island Boy threatens & flashes him during Kick stream

adin-ross-threatened-island-boys-kickKick: Adin Ross / YouTube: Big Bad Ent

Adin Ross was left ‘disgusted’ after one of the Island Boys threatened to sexually assault him and even flashed him during a video call on one of Ross’s Kick streams.

Adin Ross is one of Kick’s premier streamers — but one of his latest broadcasts turned into complete chaos when he got on the phone with a member of the Island Boys.

The Island Boys are a controversial rap duo made up of twin brothers Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd. The two first broke onto the scene in 2021 with their song, ‘Island Boy.’

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Since then, the brothers have become extremely divisive figures, most recently sparking criticism after starting an OnlyFans account together where they created content that many viewers labeled as “incestuous.”

The Island Boys pose for a pictureInstagram: flyysoulja
The Island Boys are a divisive rap duo.

Flyysoulja threatens & flashes Adin Ross during explosive Kick stream

Adin Ross has apparently sparked a feud with one of the Island Boys. During an August 1 broadcast, Ross hopped on a call with Flyysoulja, and the two almost immediately got into an argument.

The beef began after Flyysoulja used a racial slur at the very beginning of their conversation, which Ross called him out on. The rapper seemingly took offense to this, and started posturing and making hypothetical claims about a possible fight with Ross for challenging him over using the word.

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It wasn’t long before Kodiyakredd joined the stream, which quickly devolved into a series of back-and-forth arguments. After hanging up, Flyysoulja called Ross again and threatened to sexually assault the streamer.

adin-ross-stream-island-boys-kickKick: Adin Ross
Adin Ross’s explosive Kick stream with the Island Boys devolved into threats from one of the rappers.

That’s not all; the rapper also flashed himself to Ross, who was broadcasting their conversation live to his audience of thousands of fans.

Ross quickly ended the call. “Alright, that was insane, dude,” he said. “I can’t believe he just did that. On my life, that was disgusting. On my f*cking life. Wow, bro. That is insane. That is beyond crazy.”

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This latest incident follows other big news for the Island Boys after member Flyysoulja came out as gay during a recent TikTok live stream.