Baldur’s Gate 3 is even winning over people who don’t like video games

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The recently released Baldur’s Gate 3 has attracted all kinds of players, even those who don’t typically like video games.

Anticipation for Baldur’s Gate 3 seemed incredibly high before launch, yet few could’ve predicted its meteoric success. Within a day of release, it was confirmed that Baldur’s Gate 3 had already become the second-biggest Steam launch in 2023 behind Hogwarts Legacy.

The RPG reached even greater heights over the weekend, hitting 800,000+ concurrent Steam players on Sunday. And, apparently, the core audience isn’t the sole reason for such early successes.

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Even those who typically have no affinity for video games are giving Baldur’s Gate 3 a try and loving it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 players even include folks who don’t like games

Over the weekend, a Redditor shared a photo of their wife deeply entrenched in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Most interesting is that, according to the Redditor, their spouse “doesn’t like video games.”

She evidently liked this one enough to have devoted nine straight hours to it. The original poster added that after playing on Steam Deck for a few years, “she literally hasn’t moved for at least four hours since I put her in front of the UltraWide…”

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Several replies pointed out the wife’s bottle of wine and nearly-empty glass. “You know it’s serious when the wife has a bottle of wine within reach. You aren’t getting your chair back for some time,” one person told the original poster.

“Slowly, gently, this is how a life is taken. To the gamer realm,” someone else commented.

A few other people chimed in to say their wives were also obsessed with Baldur’s Gate 3. One person wrote, “I just found out my wife never went to bed last night because she has been playing this game… I think she’s been playing for at least 20 hours with like 5-10 minute breaks every hour or two…”

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Concerning the OP’s spouse, though, such an interest in Baldur’s Gate may not come as much of a surprise. The Redditor explained, “She’s a cosplayer who loves TTRPGS and is a fantasy author so I [suppose] there’s overlap haha.”

By all accounts, Baldur’s Gate 3 is more than worthy of the attention it’s getting. So it’s good to see that Larian’s latest is even capturing the hearts and minds of non-gamers.

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