Georgia Hassarati’s sister drags Harry Jowsey in vicious online rant

Harry Jowsey of Too Hot To Handle.Instagram: harryjowsey

After Georgia Hassarati took to Instagram to defend herself against her ex Harry Jowsey, her sister has now chimed in on Georgia’s behalf.

Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati may have competed in two different Seasons of Too Hot To Handle, but they’ve made sure to create a relationship outside of the show for fans to keep up with.

Though they dated on and off, having separated for good earlier this year, both Harry and Georgia have taken to interviews and social media to talk about their ups and downs.

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Things have gotten so heated between the two, that Georgia’s sister recently took to Instagram to come to her sister’s defense, dragging Harry along the way.

Georgia Hassarati's sister Savannah shared her vile opinion of Harry Jowsey in an online rant.Instagram: georgiahassarati
Georgia Hassarati’s sister Savannah shared her vile opinion of Harry Jowsey in an online rant.

Georgia Hassarati’s sister has urged Harry Jowsey to “seek mental evaluation”

Though Harry didn’t name names in his Call Her Daddy interview with Alex Cooper, he insinuated that his most recent ex-girlfriend cheated on him — this ex-girlfriend being Georgia Hassarati.

After hearing the rumors, Georgia took to Instagram to share her side of the story, saying, “He hates that I’ve moved on so effortlessly, so he has to now tell you all that I’ve cheated on him.”

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Georgia continued to explicitly call out Harry for being the “only issue” in the relationship and that he was the one that cheated and would gaslight her after doing so.

Harry then took to his secondary Instagram account to relay a statement of his own, saying, “I don’t want to add fuel to the fire about a past relationship that ended four months ago, but this misinformation campaign is really disheartening to see spread, especially by someone I cared deeply about, and opened my home and heart to.”

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Days later, Georgia’s sister, Savannah, shared her insight on the broken relationship, providing followers with multiple slides on her Insta story full of vicious comments about Harry.

Savannah went as far as slamming Harry for needing dental work, saying, “What you need is some dental work gummy bear.”

Has Gerogia Hassarati's sister Savannah taken her comments too far?Instagram: teatoktalk
Has Georgia Hassarati’s sister Savannah taken her comments too far?

She didn’t stop there, Savannah, angered by Harry’s choice to allegedly lie about Georgia, then went on to urge Harry to get help, saying, “Please seek mental evaluation you anaphylaxis looking a** b*tch.”

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Not only did Savannah share her vile judgments about Harry, but she also called him “sleazy” and “embarrassed” of his own actions, resulting in him looking like a blushed-up “lobster.”

Though Harry and Georgia have gone back and forth over recent weeks with spiteful comments, Savannah went the extra mile by slandering Harry’s appearance. Harry has yet to comment on the offensive words against him.

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