Futuristic LCD monitor built by teenager comes with ingenious backlight

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A 17-year-old High School student has created a futuristic LCD monitor that includes an ingenious never-before-seen backlight design that uses natural light.

Computer monitors traditionally use an LED light source giving LCD monitors proper brightness, with the quality of the lights differing between manufacturers.

It creates blue light, which affects the end user’s sleep patterns and causes eye strain and headaches.

Blue light glasses can help with that, but a 17-year-old High School student has designed a monitor with an ingenious backlight design that may take the place of glasses for some.

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Eazeye LCD monitor is powered by natural light

Built to reduce eye strain and lower energy consumption, 17-year-old Louis Huang created the Eazeye monitor complete with his own backlight design.

Instead of using LED light strips, Huang’s monitor uses a panel attached to the back that reflects natural light onto the screen.

Sitting at a 45-degree angle for normal use, the panel can also be detached from the monitor so it can accept a light source from behind. Like a window, for example.

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A press release sent to Dexerto reveals that the Eazeye monitor uses just 5 watts of power, which is 35 watts less than a traditionally backlit monitor.

That doesn’t mean it’s useless in a dark room either, as Louis has included an LED backlight into his monitor as well to make it a good all-around option for all kinds of uses.

When it comes to the specs, the 24-inch Eazeye monitor has 1080p resolution with a 75hz refresh rate, offers HDMI & VGA connections, and has retained its Vesa compatibility.

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A price isn’t available just yet, but Eazeye has the option to sign up to learn more about the launch on its website.

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