How to set up dual monitors on Windows 10 & 11

dual monitors

Want to know how to set up dual monitors on Windows 10 & 11? This quick guide tells you how to easily add an extra screen to your desktop.

Getting up a dual-screened setup is easier than you think. Using two monitors (or more!) is ideal for multitaskers and gamers alike.

The extra screen real estate allows you to push non-priority tasks onto a second display while you have an entire screen to focus on. For gamers, more screens means that you can put up additional windows like Discord or an Internet browser while you game.  

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Setting up multiple displays is incredibly easy and an intuitive experience with Windows 11. When you disconnect and re-plug a monitor in or turn it back on later, it’ll remember where everything was.

You can also add external monitors with your laptop, but you may need to invest in a USB-C hub or, better still, a Thunderbolt dock on select Intel platforms.

How to set up dial monitors on Windows 10 & 11

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The easiest method to do this is to simply connect your PC or laptop from its HDMI port (or DisplayPort if you’re on a desktop, Framework laptop, or even a hub) to the monitor and let nature take its course. As long as it is on, Windows should detect it immediately.

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If you’re not getting anything out of it, head into the Windows settings via the Taskbar and go into the Display options. Here, you should see if Windows is picking up your screens. If you can see both, but nothing is happening on one, you might just need to tell Windows to wake up.

Press Windows+P to bring up the display quick settings and choose Extend or Duplicate. Duplicate is great if you want to play a game on the big screen with friends. Extend will let you use them as two separate entities.

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If neither of these worked, you might find that you need to swap the wires over, unplug and plug it back in, or restart your PC. Of course, this is an annoying answer, but usually, the easiest solutions fix the most irritating problems.

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