Mario Strikers Battle League: Trailer, release date, gameplay

Mario kicking a football in mario strikersNintendo

Mario Strikers Battle League is officially on its way to the Nintendo Switch. Here’s a deeper look at the game’s official release date, trailer, and gameplay from the rebooted Mario soccer game.

Super Mario Strikers first came out in 2005 for the Nintendo Gamecube but now will be making its return on the Nintendo Switch as Mario Strikers Battle League has been announced for a 2022 release.

A fresh reboot of the Mario soccer game is one that fans have been begging for over the past few years. The new game looks to keep much of the same feel as the original title, with a few new and exciting twists that players should enjoy.

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Let’s dive in deeper to see what has been revealed so far.


Mario Strikers Battle League release date

Mario Strikers Battle League is set to release on June 10, 2022, and pre-orders are available now.

So far, Nintendo hasn’t hinted at any forthcoming delays for the title and we expect it to land on the given date.

NinMario Strikers Battle League trailer

mario strikers super shotNintendo
Mario Strikers is back and will be hitting Nintendo Switch consoles before you know it!

An official trailer for Mario Strikers Battle League has been released from Nintendo following the February 9 Nintendo Direct.

It features more on the new gameplay, the game’s release, and what fans can expect.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League Gameplay and new features

mario strikers gearNintendo
You’ll now be able to deck out your character and customize their stats.

One of the biggest new things players can expect from Mario Strikers Battle League is the addition of gear.

This gear will allow players to customize the stats for each different character, allowing you to focus more on passing, shooting, tackling, or being more of an all-around player.

Otherwise, you can still build up and take those wild shots with all-new animations, new items, and much of the same core gameplay that looks to be intact from the original.

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The game is a fun alternative to the more realistic and simulated nature of FIFA and eFootball and more of the gameplay and new features can be seen in-depth in the full Nintendo Direct below.

Note: The Mario Strikers segment comes just after No Man’s Sky.

Mario Strikers Battle League platforms

For those looking for their Mario-themed football fix, you will need to own a Nintendo Switch as the game will be exclusive to the platform. All Mario games stick to the Nintendo brand and Mario Strikers: Battle League looks to follow this pattern.

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