Best Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, from Charizard to Rayquaza

shiny rayquaza pokemon goThe Pokemon Company

Looking for the best Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go? These elusive variations are some of the rarest finds in the game – but not all of them are worth hunting for, as some look much better than others.

Pushing players to get up and go outside, Pokemon Go has had a massive following ever since its release for mobile devices way back in 2016.

Now that the game has been out for a while, Trainers are always looking to take their collections to the next level, finding the rarest and most beautiful Pokemon they can. Often, these are Shiny Pokemon.

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But not all Shinies are created equal, with some of them only making a minuscule cosmetic change. But with others, you’re going to want to do your best to get your hands on them.

Here, we’re going to run through our top 10 Shinies you can find in Pokemon Go.


Best Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

10. Shiny Dragonite

Shiny DragoniteNiantic
Shiny Dragonite looks as friendly as ever, despite being devastating in battle.

Everyone’s favorite lovable dragon goes green in its Shiny form, which is sharply different from Dratini and Dragonair’s.

Dragonite makes the list, in part, due to its rareness and because it didn’t get the standard treatment most other famous dragons get in Pokemon (you’ll see more of those later, we promise) having his own unique look. Keep an eye out for pink Dratini and get your hands on a Shiny Dragonite.

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9. Shiny Mothim

shiny mothimThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Mothim is a step up for the Pokemon that’s usually forgotten amongst bugs.

To many, Mothim is a forgettable Pokemon, failing to stand out and slotting in as just another bug buzzing around. But, in its shiny form, it stands out in a crowd.

Almost looking like a Manectric in bug form, Mothim turns an electric blue and yellow, while remaining its usual Bug/Flying type.

You’ll need to get your hands on a shiny Burmy first, then evolve it into Mothim. Burmy’s shiny is a subtle one, though, with only its horn turning blue, so make sure you don’t miss it.

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8. Shiny Politoed

 pokemon go politoedThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Politoed looks like its had a bit too much bubble gum or cotton candy.

Politeod is one of the funniest designed shinies in Pokemon, because it essentially just trades colors with Poliwrath in its shiny form. Poliwrath turns green, and Politoed a cotton candy-like blue and pink.

Much like Mothim and Burmy, Poliwag has a very subtle shiny form, so don’t get down if you happen to catch one. Save up those candies and make sure you have a King’s Rock on hand to evolve into Politoed.

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7. Shiny Lucario

shiny lucarioThe Pokemon Company
Lucario goes his own version of Super Saiyan in its shiny form

Evolved from Riolu, Shiny Lucario is its brightest self, turning from its normal blue into a golden yellow.

If you happen upon a shiny Riolu, it will look much the same as its evolved form. And luckily enough, the cost for evolution is a mere 50 candies, lower than many others on this list.

6. Shiny Obstagoon

pokemon go obstagoonThe Pokemon Company
This Galarian mongoose is as terrifying as it is colorful.

This entire evolutionary line received a huge boost with the addition of Galarian forms, and Obstagoon’s Shiny is the pinnacle.

A bit randomly, this line gets a bright, multi-colored shiny set in huge contrast to its monochrome base set. You won’t see anyone complaining, though.

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5. Shiny Gyarados

shiny garydosThe Pokemon Company
Gyarados in its Shiny forms is one all Pokemon fans know and love.

There isn’t a more quintessential Shiny on this list than Gyarados, the father of all shinies. Gyarados is blood red in its Shiny form and is a beauty to look at.

The only problem? It costs a whopping 400 Magikarp Candy to evolve it into Gyarados. But, if you happen to catch a yellow, Shiny Magikarp, it would be well worth it to grind for the candies.

4. Shiny Rayquaza

pokemon go rayquazaThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Rayquaza will be tough to come by, being a legendary Pokemon.

Boasting a blacked-out Shiny that is every bit as awesome as the Pokemon is, Shiny Rayquaza is one of Pokemon Go’s most popular.

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It will be tough to get your hands on one as they appear in limited-time events. However, if you somehow manage to get ahold of a Shiny, it is one you’ll want to show off for sure.

3. Shiny Charizard

shiny charizardThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Charizard is menacing with its charcoal base and red wings.

Second in the line of really cool black-colored Shiny dragons is Charizard, the OG dragon. Shiny Charizard, outside of Garydos, might be the most recognizable in the franchise, and deservedly so.

Keep an eye out for slightly brighter Charmanders and Charmeleons, almost a yellow color, if you are looking to snatch a pre-evolution of Charizard and evolve it.

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2. Shiny Metagross

metagrossThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Metagross is one of the most creative and cool shinies in the game.

Perhaps the most underrated Shiny and one of the best in the franchise, Metagross’s silver and gold combo is top class. Some shinies that many tend to love are very much the same, either blacked out or simply dichotomous from their non-shiny companions.

That said, Metagross is something else. It is unique, bold, and just looks so cool. Be on the lookout for Beldum that look very similar to the original, having a subtle shiny form.

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1. Shiny Event Pokemon

Pikachu wearing a Halloween costumeThe Pokemon Company
The Halloween event for Pokemon Go gave a select few a chance for a very rare shiny Kanto starter.

It’s hard to leave these out, and hard to beat these, because getting one is so incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind. These shinies, unlike any other, are exclusive to Pokemon Go and can only be obtained through these limited-time events.

For example, the many different versions of Pikachu wearing hats and clothes that have floated around, the Halloween Kanto starters, Stantler with bells, Holiday Delibird, and so on. If you happen to snag one of these, cherish it above all else in Pokemon Go, as you are definitely in the select few in the entire world that will have one.

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Honorable Mention: Best Shiny Pokemon – Shiny Greninja

Shiny GreninjaThe Pokemon Company
Greninja is a fan-favorite and its Shiny version makes it even better.

Shiny Greninja is not actually available in Pokemon Go just yet. However, it has one of the best Shiny designs in the franchise, so it felt necessary to include it here somewhere, even if not in the top 10.

You can see what Shiny Greninja looks like in the image above, which should give you a good idea of why so many players want to see it debut in Pokemon Go!

That’s all of the best-looking Shiny Pokemon on our list! If you have any suggestions or worthy candidates for us to consider for inclusion, tweet us @TrainerINTEL on Twitter.

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