How to see how many Apex Legends Packs you’ve opened

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Apex Legends players who are looking to obtain Heirloom Shards in-game can use the useful Apex pack tracker. Here’s what you need to know about this unique resource. 

In Apex Legends, players won’t open more than 500 packs in the game without getting Heirloom Shards (unless they own the Heirloom sets), which is why Respawn has created this system to prevent you from opening countless packs.

Mike Zarandona, a coder, has also created a resource that allows players to keep track of how many packs they’ve opened in the game. The result of this is the Apex pack tracker which lets you know how many packs away you are from getting those all-important Heirloom Shards.

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The coder, Mike Zarandona also created a resource that gave players the chance to easily track exactly how many packs they’ve opened in the game. The result of this method is the Apex pack tracker which can clue you into how many more packs you’ll need to open before getting those coveted Heirloom Shards.


An image of the Apex Legends pack tracker calculator.Mike Zarandona
Calculate how many Apex Packs you’ve been able to open.

How many Apex Packs have I opened?

Getting started with the Apex pack tracker to find out how many packs you’ve opened is easy:

  • First, you’ll need to input basic information such as your Account level, whether or not you’ve linked your Prime Gaming account, and so on.
  • Going in any order you want, input your level for every season so far in Apex Legends, and leave any seasons that you’ve skipped blank.

If you’re unsure of what your Account level is in Apex, you can find it displayed above your head up until level 100 in the Lobby, or you can also track it along with other stats here.

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Apex Pack Tracker

The Apex pack tracker lets you input everything from what level you achieved by the end of each season’s Battle Pass, to any Daily Treasure packs you might have received for quests.

Zarandona has scattered tips throughout the site with where to find this info, and suggested: “checking the Season X badge on any Legend.”

An image of the Apex Legends pack tracker.Mike Zarandona
You can see a full report breaking down how many Packs you’ve earned using the Apex pack tracker.

Apex calculator tips

Apex Legends quests give you a total of 45 Daily Treasure Packs. You can enter how many of those you were able to get during each quest in the pack tracker’s calculator.

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Finally, the last two entries may be a bit tricky for some people: Purchased Packs & Bugs + Misc Packs. For most, both of these are going to be 0 if you haven’t bought any, or if Respawn hasn’t compensated packs to you for an errant bug.

Once you have all of your figures, you can view your Heirloom Progress. This will have a report for you with the breakdown of all the packs that you’ve collected.

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How to get more Apex packs

The easiest way to earn Apex packs is by simply leveling up in Apex Legends. Between levels 2 and 20, you earn one pack. This changes to one pack every 2 levels between level22 and 300. Lastly, from level 305 to 500, you earn one pack every 5 levels.

If you want a much faster way to gain Apex packs, then you can purchase them in the store by obtaining Apex coins. One Apex pack will cost you $1. So, buying 1000 Apex coins will give you 10 Apex packs.

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You can buy Apex coins from Amazon by clicking here.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the Apex pack tracker, and how to see how many packs you’ve opened in Apex Legends! For more Apex content, check out our guides below:

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