Apex Legends pick rates: Most popular Legends in Season 17

Pick rate in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pick rate data is in for Season 17, showing which Legends are the most popular to play among the millions of Apex players. Here are all of the pick rates for Legends in the new season.

This pick rate information is based on a database of over 19.3 million Apex Legends players, and while this isn’t the total player base, it’s a huge sample size. These stats don’t indicate who is ‘the best‘ overall, instead, they highlight which Legends are currently most popular to pick.

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Apex Legends Season 17 is now underway and despite no new Legend being added, pick rates have moved around thanks to all the buffs and nerfs this season.

Check out the pick rates for each Legend below, updated as of July 17, 2023.


An image of Wraith from Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Pathfinder, Octane, and Wraith are always near the top of the charts.

Apex Legends Pick Rates in Season 17

Here are all of the current pick rates for each Legend as of July 17, 2023. Make sure to check back weekly as we’ll keep you updated as the percentages change and various pick rates continue to move up and down.

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Character Pick Rate
#1 Pathfinder 10.4%
#2 Octane 10.3%
#3 Wraith 9.1%
#4 Horizon 7.7%
#5 Bangalore 7%
#6 Bloodhound 5.9%
#7 Lifeline 5.3%
#8 Seer 5.2%
#9 Loba 4.6%
#10 Valkyrie 3.8%
#11 Fuse 3.4%
#12 Ballistic 3.3%
#13 Ash 3%
#14 Mirage 2.8%
#15 Catalyst 2.6%
#16 Mad Maggie 2.6%
#17 Caustic 2.1%
#18 Wattson 2%
#19 Vantage 1.9%
#20 Revenant 1.8%
#21 Rampart 1.6%
#22 Gibraltar 1.4%
#23 Crypto 1.2%
#24 Newcastle 1.2%

Pick rate data via ApexLegendsStatus.

The most used Legends in Apex Legends Season 17

It seems everyone’s favorite friendly robot, Pathfinder, has reclaimed the top spot in Season 17. It also comes as no surprise that both Octane and Wraith have maintained their spots at 2nd and 3rd, respectively, as the two Legends have long placed in the top three most popular Legends.

All in all, the list hasn’t shaken up too much compared to Season 16, with Legends like Loba and Valkyrie only shifting a few places in the rankings. Aside from that, most Legends have stayed in nearly the same position in Season 17.

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While it’s still fairly early in the season, it seems the new Legend, Ballistic, has proven to be more popular than some existing Legends, already recording a 3.3% pick rate in 12th place.

Apex Legends Pick RateApex Legends Status
Pick rate for the top 10 Apex Legends characters

At the bottom of the rankings, Rampart, sitting at 22nd (1.5%), has barely overtaken Gibraltar in 23rd (1.4%). Finally, Newcastle remains bottom in 24th (1.2%).

Most played Apex Legends characters

As previously stated, a higher pick rate doesn’t always equal a more effective Legend, but the current build of the game has seen the same few characters occupy the top spots for a while now.

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Here are the most-played Legends in Apex Legends Season 17.

Bangalore – 7%

Apex Legends Ranked split devRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore is one of the eight original Legends.

Bangalore, one of the eight original Legends in Apex, has moved back into the top five in Season 17. This is likely thanks to her new-found popularity in pro matches.

Bang has always had a useful kit but never felt ‘overpowered.’ But, with how strong aim assist is in Apex, players are opting for Bangalore thanks to her smoke. The smoke will counter aim assist, putting controller players at a disadvantage.

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With a 7% pick rate, Bangalore rounds out the top five and lands just in front of Bloodhound (5.9%).

Horizon – 7.7%

Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Horizon now returns to the top five most-played characters

Horizon has jumped past both Bangalore and Bloodhound to land in the top four most-played Apex Legends characters.

In the earlier stages of Season 17, Horizon had a lower pick rate than Lifeline and Loba and actually slotted into the 8th place in pick rate at close to 5%. Horizon’s tactical ability — Gravity Lift — allows for both the player and their team to scale heights quickly and is arguably one of the most valuable abilities for a well-organized team.

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It’s no surprise to see Horizon continually rising in popularity, and her 7.7% pick rate marks an impressive jump from Season 16.

Wraith – 9.1%

Wraith Nemesis AR Apex Legends

Wraith was the face of the game back at launch, and it’s easy to see why. Her abilities have yet to be replaced or challenged, even by Ash, with her portal allowing for smooth and strategic rotations. Alongside her phase, you can take more risks and still retreat with your life intact.

She has had some tinkering done, like the removal of the Low Profile attribute back in Season 9, but she remains as deadly as ever in the current state of the game.

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While she has fallen from her 1st place ranking in Season 16, she still has a massive 9.1% of the player base behind her, comfortably placing her 3rd overall.

Octane – 10.3%

Apex Legends Octane TacticalRespawn Entertainment
Octane is the second most popular Legend in Season 17.

Octane is a consistently high-picked Legend in Apex despite the nerfs he’s received since the game’s release. His easy-to-use and highly effective abilities make for great solo play but also mean that he fits right in with team-based matches.

He boasts a whopping 10.3% pick rate and is currently at the number two spot.

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Pathfinder – 10.4%

Pathfinder OG skin Apex Legends

Pathfinder has slowly managed to reclaim his spot as not only the top mobility-based Legend in Apex Legends, but also the most popular character in Season 17 with a 10.4% pick rate. Ever since Season 5, Respawn has continued to adjust Pathfinder’s abilities while also giving other Recons Legends like Bloodhound, Seer, Crypto, and Valkyrie his original ability to scan for upcoming ring locations.

Starting in Season 16, his speed on ziplines have been doubled, and he can place his ultimate twice as far, which undoubtedly gave him another boost to his pick rate.

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Additionally, while the friendly robot can no longer interact with Survey Beacons as he is now classified as a Skirmisher, he can instead see inside of incoming Care Packages to shorten his Ultimate’s cooldown.

While Season 17 Pathfinder isn’t as strong as he was back in Season 5, various buffs over the course of many seasons have finally brought him back to the top of the pick-rate charts.

So, there you have it — the most-played Legends and their pick rates in Apex Legends Season 17.

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