How to earn Apex Legends Twitch drops: ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs rewards

Apex Legends ALGS Twitch dropsRespawn Entertainment

The 2023 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs kick off on July 13 in London, England – and Twitch is giving Apex Legends fans the chance to earn exclusive rewards as they watch the action unfold.

The second split playoffs for ALGS is set to start soon, and players can earn rewards just by watching the broadcast on Twitch.

Like most major esports events, Respawn is offering players Twitch drops just by tuning into the event. The drops include two skins and other goodies across the four-day event.

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Here’s what you need to do to earn those sweet Twitch drops during the 2023 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs.

ALGS Split 2 Twitch dropsRespawn
All of the drops players can earn for watching the esports broadcast.

How to get ALGS Split 2 Playoffs Twitch rewards

Similar to Prime Gaming rewards, before you can earn any of the limited-time rewards, you’ll need to ensure that your Twitch account is linked to your EA account.

That way, while you’re watching the stream, Twitch can gift you each of the rewards throughout the matches.

Here’s exactly how to connect your Apex Legends account to Twitch:

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  1. Ensure your Gamertag, Nintendo Switch, or PSN ID is linked to your EA account.
  2. Create or log in to the Twitch account that you’re going to watch the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs.
  3. Head over to the Connect with Twitch page here and enter your EA account info.
  4. You’re now connected and ready to earn rewards!
  5. Simply tune into the PlayApex stream during the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs starting on July 13.

Keep in mind, each of the rewards is given out to players after a set amount of time watching the stream, so there’s no luck involved.

TSM Apex LegendsJoe Brady/ ALGS
TSM won the ALGS Split 1 playoff to kick off 2023.

All ALGS Championship 2022 Twitch rewards

There are four separate rewards that players can earn throughout the ALGS Split 2 Playoff broadcast. Those rewards are as follows:

  • July 13: Charbroiled R99 Skin
  • July 14: Fiery Fractals Wraith Skin
  • July 15: Ratting Holospray
  • July 16: Predator Weapon Charm

Each of the rewards can be claimed by watching the stream for a set amount of time, about 60 minutes for each day.

There you have it, that’s exactly how to earn each of the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs 2023 rewards via Twitch drops.

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Remember, these unlocks are only available for a limited amount of time, so claim them while you can!

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