MrBeast “moving on” from Beast Burger restaurants after just two years

MrBeast burger gets first physical restaurantInstagram: MrBeast

YouTube star MrBeast has revealed he’s “moving on” from his Beast Burger restaurants in order to shift his focus to Feastables.

Over the past couple of years, some of our favorite influencers have begun launching their own brands — many of which have even come to reach incredible heights so far. Among them include the likes of KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration, which has put a massive dent in the hydration beverage market, even partnering up with Arsenal FC and the UFC.

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Similarly, in late 2020, MrBeast began to expand his YouTube empire, entering the fast food business with his very own ‘MrBeast Burger’ chain, launching thousands of locations to help small businesses. It’s fair to say Beast Burger has been a hit with fans, with the YouTube star even breaking the record “for most burgers sold in a day by a single restaurant,” during the launch of the first in-person location.

However, the YouTube star is now looking to move on from his burger chain just two years after its launch, and instead shift his focus to his Feastables brand.

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MrBeast “moving on” from Beast Burger

Despite having over 2,000 locations open for delivery, in a now-deleted tweet on June 17, MrBeast revealed he’s ready to move on from Beast Burger after a fan noted that the original video announcing the launch of the brand had been deleted.

“I started MrBeast Burger to help restaurants make more $ during the pandemic and it worked!” the YouTube star wrote. “But sadly when working with 2,000 restaurants I don’t own it’s impossible to guarantee the order quality.”

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He added: “I’m moving on from MrBeast Burger so I can focus on Feastables and making snacks!”

MrBeast deleted his tweets just a couple of hours later.

A fan responded, asking what’s in store next for Beast Burger, which the YouTuber answered revealing the chain will still be operational, as the company he partnered with won’t let him shut down the business.

“I would if I could,” Jimmy replied. “But the company I partnered with won’t let me stop even though it’s terrible for my brand. Young beast signed a bad deal.”

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Feastables first launched in early 2022, launching several chocolate bars and has continued to grow with a variety of new flavors, and products — even making its way into Walmarts across the US.

There’s absolutely no telling what’s in store next for Feastables, but with the YouTuber shifting his focus onto the brand, it’s sure to be big.

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