Apex Legends July 19 update patch notes: Control, Gun Run, Trident fixes, more

Trident Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Developer Respawn Entertainment has detailed a new patch for Apex Legends, including fixes for the Trident vehicle as well as updates for Control and Gun Run.

The next season of Apex Legends is on the horizon, with developer Respawn Entertainment laying out big changes for Ranked for Season 18.

However, that hasn’t stopped the developer from keeping the game up to date with Season 17 still in motion. Now, Respawn has pushed out yet another mid-season update.

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This update includes fixes for a handful of annoying bugs, two of which surrounded Apex Legends‘ mixtape mode. Here’s a rundown of everything this July 19, 2023 patch fixed.

Apex Legends control modeRespawn Entertainment
This July 19, 2023, patch notes for Apex Legends fixed an issue where players could not respawn at control points in Control, among other bugs.

Apex Legends July 19 patch notes

Here are the full July 19 patch notes for Apex Legends:

  • Being unable to spawn on control points in Control (and reenabled this mode)
  • An issue using Tridents as Fuse and Rampart
  • A crash caused by Stickers
  • Some Gun Run matches requiring more than one knife kill

Perhaps the biggest fix involved the Trident vehicle glitch. This glitch allowed characters like Fuse and Rampart to drive around in Tridents and avoid taking damage when the vehicle was shot.

Normally, when a player drives a Trident, simply shooting the vehicle anywhere will cause any player riding in the vehicle to take damage. However, players who exploited this bug would only take damage when shot directly, which is very hard to do while driving a Trident around.

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Respawn also fixed an issue where certain instances with Stickers would cause the game to crash.

Finally, this patch also amended two issues with two separate games for the Mixtape playlist: Control and Gun Run.

For Control, Respawn fixed a bug where players were unable to spawn on control points during a match. Thanks to this bug, the developer temporarily removed Control from the mode rotation but has brought it back now that the issue has been resolved.

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As for Gun Run, some matches will no longer require players to get more than one kill with the Throwing Knife to end the game.