Apex Legends June 29 update patch notes: Ash SFX fix, Anonymous mode, more

An image of Ash from Apex Legends Season 11Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has pushed out another mid-season patch for Apex Legends, including fixes for Ash’s lack of sound effects, missing UI elements, and more.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has released yet another mid-season patch notes for the Apex Legends battle royale, which players can download now.

Unlike previous updates that provide Legend changes in the form of buffs, nerfs, and even bug fixes, this June 29 patch is mainly to fix a handful of missing or bugged elements surrounding the game’s UI and sound effects.

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However, some of these missing elements may very well have affected a good number of players. Thankfully, it seems Respawn has discovered the root of these issues and fixed them with this latest update.

Apex Legends zone bugRespawn Entertainment
The June 29 Apex Legends patch fixed the issue of names displaying incorrectly for players who died outside the ring.

Apex Legends June 29 patch notes

Here are the full June 29 patch notes for Apex Legends:

  • Names no longer incorrectly appear when in Anonymous mode
  • Deaths outside the Ring now show in the kill feed
  • Quips now display subtitles when selected in Banner menus
  • Sound effects for Ash select animations now play correctly

Some of these fixes didn’t directly interfere with gameplay, such as Ash’s lack of sound effects when selected on the Legends Select screen before a match.

Additionally, players can now see quip subtitles when selected in banner menus, which were sometimes missing previously.

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However, a couple of these fixes are indeed quite handy. After this latest patch, the names of players who died outside the Ring will now be properly displayed in the Kill feed.

This can be a crucial piece of information during the latter half of a game, as it can help determine how many players are hiding out on the fringes of the arena.

Additionally, this update addressed an issue where names would be incorrectly displayed when playing in Anonymous mode. While this probably won’t affect a majority of the game’s playerbase, Anonymous mode is very helpful for streamers and content creators who tend to get stream-sniped while playing live.

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