Apex Legends June 1 update patch notes: Catalyst & Ballistic fixes, more

Catalyst firing gun in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has released a minor Apex Legends update to fix certain Legend issues, skin-related bugs, and a problem with Control.

Just last week, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment pushed out an update to fix a handful of bugs and glitches that were affecting specific characters, like Wraith and Seer.

In particular, Wraith could still use her weapons while knocked, and Seer could track enemy players even though they were on the other side of Catalyst’s Dark Veil. Naturally, players wanted to see these bugs ironed out as swiftly as possible, and Respawn delivered.

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Now, the developer has pushed out another patch to address lingering bugs, including spawning issues in Control, Catalyst’s Dark Veil, and much more.

Apex Legends Ballistic Key Art for Season 17Respawn Entertainment
According to Respawn, Ballistic received “miscellaneous fixes” through the June 1 update.

Apex Legends June 1 patch notes

Here are the full June 1 patch notes for Apex Legends:

  • Fixed an issue surrounding spawning in Control
  • Being able to scan through Catalyst’s Dark Veil Ultimate ability
  • Wraith using her weapon in the Fight Night ring
  • Miscellaneous Ballistic fixes
  • Certain skins could block your view

Like the last update, Wraith and Catalyst are getting some bug fixes once again. Apex Legends fans had been frustrated with Wraith still being able to use weapons in the Fight Night ring — where players can usually only melee.

As for Catalyst, Respawn fixed an issue where certain scan abilities were able to pierce through her Dark Veil ability.

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Additionally, this update addressed an issue in the Control game mode where players were only able to spawn on their team spawn location and not on any of their captured points.

This update also included “miscellaneous fixes” for the newest Legend Ballistic. While it’s unclear what specific fixes this update targeted, Ballistic has had a few glitches slip through the cracks, such as his melee animation cancel bug.

Finally, Respawn noted that the team has fixed “certain skins” that would block players’ view. Again, it’s unclear which specific skins were causing issues, but hopefully, this patch has addressed them all.

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