Apex Legends April 10 update patch notes: Remove/Transfer keybinds reverted, Vantage fix, more

Seer, Catalyst, and Mirage wearing their Sun Squad Collection Event skins in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends received a few fixes in the April 10 update, including one for the controversial attachment transfer keybind change, so here are the latest patch notes and details.

There have been a number of hot-button issues in Apex Legends lately, and Respawn Entertainment is hard at work trying to iron things out.

From muscle memory being messed with in a recent button update to an entire country being blocked from buying the summer-inspired Sun Squad skins, here’s what got fixed in the April 10 update.

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Apex Legends April 10 update patch notes

The number one thing that was addressed this time around was reverting the change to the “Remove/Transfer” buttons for attachments. In the midseason update, this was swapped from its longstanding state of Transfer on Right-Click and Remove on Left-Click, and fans were not happy about it.

All is as it should be now, though, and Transfer is back to being on Right-Click.

Beyond that, there was a small fix for Echo, who was spawning at the wrong point whenever Vantage would attempt to summon her cute companion, and also a fix for whatever was stepping Belgian players from purchasing Sun Squad skins in the collection event.

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The Splash Zone Flatline skin also received an ironsight update, falling more in line with the usual model of sights for the fan-favorite Heavy weapon.

The full scale of the update is unknown since the official patch notes have yet to be released, but we will update this page with any further info as it becomes available.

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