Apex Legends January 23 update patch notes: Horizon nerf fixed and more

Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment rolled out a small patch for Apex Legends, addressing several bugs impacting the game.

As part of the Spellbound Collection event update, community members noticed Horizon’s Gravity Lift had been hit with a secret nerf. Originally, players received no accuracy penalty while using the ability, but the patch made it harder to hit shots while hovering.

Respawn reverted the changes on January 13, but a dev confirmed that a nerf would still come eventually. Shortly after, players unearthed another secret nerf, hindering Horizon’s Ultimate Ability. The Black Hole did not pull through shields, walls, or barriers, making it easier to counter a hard push using the ability.

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The development team cleared up any confusion about Horizon’s Tactical nerf in an update on January 23.

Horizon Tactical Ability and other bug fixes coming to Apex Legends

Respawn unveiled an update that reverts Horizon’s Tactical Ability changes.

Horizon will no longer receive an accuracy penalty when firing while hovering during Gravity Lift. The announcement confused community members, as that change was already confirmed in a previous update.

The developers clarified that, “‘Horizon tactical changes reverted’ refers to putting in a proper fix instead of the backend version we shipped last week. Players should see no change.”

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Third-person mode has always been available in Apex Legend’s firing range, allowing players to enjoy the game from a different perspective. Respawn accidentally removed the easter egg recently but added back the fan-favorite easter egg in the latest update.

January 23 patch notes

Here are the full update patch notes.

  • Legends start with correct number of tactical charges in BR
  • Firing Range easter egg can be activated again
  • Eliminating Wraith by headshot no longer causes incorrect particle effects
  • Horizon’s tactical changes have been reverted

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