Apex Legends Nov 30 update patch notes: K/DR stats, Catalyst KO shield fix, more

Apex Legends Wintertide eventRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends November 30 update addresses map fixes on Broken Moon, resolved an issue affecting K/DR stats, and tinkered with legend abilities.

Apex Legends Season 15 reinvigorated excitement, and player count numbers even surpassed Warzone 2 by 60,000 players on November 30.

Respawn Entertainment isn’t resting on its laurels either, introducing the Wintertide collection event to celebrate the holiday season. Apex’s content injection didn’t go over well with every community member. Apex Legends star ‘Snip3down‘ criticized developers for focusing on cosmetics and skins rather than game fixes.

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The November 30 update addresses community concerns with a long list of bug fixes and legend changes.

Apex Legends Hero adjustments and map fixes

crypto winteride skin apex legends close upRespawn Entertainment
Crypto’s Wintertide Apex Legends skin.

First up, the developers resolved an issue that showed incorrect K/DR stats for some players. There is nothing worse than not receiving recognition for playing well.

Catalyst, Wraith, and Crypto mains will be relieved or disappointed in some of the adjustments made. For players that enjoy completing in-game challenges, the developers fixed an issue that gave the incorrect reward amount.

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As for Broken Moon, the popular map received updates to remove hiding spots and improve collision physics in some regions of the environment.

November 30 patch notes

Here are the full patch notes.

  • Resolved lifetime K/DR stat appearing incorrectly for some players
  • Catalyst’s KO shield will now work when downed while casting her Ultimate
  • While in Phase, Wraith will now see doors sealed by Catalyst’s passive
  • While in Phase, Wraith will not be affected by Catalyst’s ferrofluid
  • Crypto’s drone will no longer be able to open doors sealed by Catalyst’s passive
  • Resolved certain challenges which gave the incorrect reward amount
  • Removed invisible collision that blocked ordnance and abilities in Promenade
  • Numerous map fixes throughout Broken Moon to remove hiding spots and improve collision.
  • Guns no longer float during Season 15 emotes
  • Legends will now appear properly sized on the Legend Select menus when returning to lobby in certain scenarios

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