Destiny 2 players furious with “pathetic” August State of the Game update

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The Destiny 2 community doesn’t appear all too thrilled with Bungie’s newest State of the Game update, with many lashing out at the “bad news” while criticizing the lack of “meaningful” changes.

The Lightfall era of Destiny 2 has certainly been a turbulent one. From major backlash upon release due to its narrative shortcomings to criticism of everything from difficulty to seasonal events, the player base has been plenty vocal.

After weeks of relative silence as devs gear up for The Final Shape showcase on August 22, Bungie looked to address its most avid players head-on with the August State of the Game post.

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It’s here where devs all but marked the end of Gambit development while also outlining why new PVP content is sparse. In response to the lengthy update, players have now fired back once more, vocalizing their displeasure with the latest Bungie blog.

First came more general criticism of the post as a whole. For some players on the game’s Subreddit, they saw the lengthy writeup as a means of getting “all the bad news out the way” before the upcoming showcase.

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The justification for said ‘bad news’ then had many others taking issue with Bungie’s reasoning throughout. Whether it’s their justification for the state of PVP or the lack of Gambit content, hundreds of players were left fuming by the blog post.

“My favorite part is that they mentioned every single criticism people have had about the playlists and straight up said ‘nah, it’s too much effort’ to each one,” a player said.

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“This whole state of the game is just a bunch of ‘yeah we hear your feedback but we’re not going to do anything meaningful to address it,’” another chimed in.

“The way this reads you’d think they’re a 30-person dev team struggling to make ends meet, always short on resources. This is pathetic.”

Meanwhile, others sounded off with specific points of feedback for the blog post. In particular, the lack of love for Gambit left some mourning the seemingly dying mode altogether.

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“They really just said we don’t give a f*** about gambit,” one player replied. “They’re just like ‘Oh you don’t like Gambit? Well now you don’t have to play it because we aren’t doing a damn thing for it,’” another added.

Similarly, others criticized choices made in regard to new armor sets. With Bungie detailing why a new vendor set in every expansion isn’t possible, players questioned why premium sets for the Eververse store are.

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“The ‘we can’t do a new vendor set for every big expansion’ hurts extra when they can do multiple Eververse sets, per season,” one player highlighted.

All up, many who engaged with the lengthy blog were left “mind blown” by the address from Destiny 2’s devs. No doubt hearing the feedback loud and clear, the ball is now in Bungie’s court to rebound in a big way with The Final Shape showcase in a few weeks.

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