ImperialHal doubts Apex Legends aim assist nerf will actually happen

ImperialHal Nemesis ARRespawn Entertainment/TSM

TSM star ImperialHal is doubtful that Respawn will go through with changes to aim assist in Apex Legends after the battle royale devs stated that it was a possibility. 

The conversation around aim assist is never ending, especially as cross-play between PC and consoles is becoming more prevalent. 

In Apex Legends, mouse and keyboard users have been calling for changes for quite some time. While it is supposed to level the playing field and gave controllers players a helping hand, many MB/K users have compared it to a “soft aimbot.” They believe the level of aim assist is, quite simply, too high at the minute.

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Ahead of Season 18, Respawn Entertainment revealed that they were considering making some tweaks to aim assist moving forward. Naturally, this got a few mouse and keyboard players a bit hype, but ImperialHal isn’t totally sold.

ImperialHal unsure about potential Apex Legends aim assist changes

The TSM star, who made the switch to controller and won MVP honors at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs  back in February, is onboard for a change but doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.  

“I don’t think they’ll ever f*ck with controller because that’s literally the majority of their player base,” Hal said. “They’ve mentioned that they would, but I don’t know.”

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His TSM teammates noted that other battle royales like Fortnite have tweaked their aim assist levels previously, which does have an impact on the player base. Hal ultimately added that any change will be “useless or great” and doesn’t have much hope for a middle ground.

As noted, there aren’t any immediate changes coming to aim assist in Apex Legends. You’re not going to drop into games throughout Season 18 and notice anything different. 

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However, moving forward, it will be a consideration for Respawn. Though, ultimately who knows if it’ll be the game-changer that many mouse and keyboard players are hoping it is.

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