Cassidy & Soldier 76 balance changes revealed for Overwatch 2 Season 6 patch

soldier 76 nerfed in season 6Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 team has revealed a series of big balance changes on the way for two of the game’s most popular DPS heroes coming in the Season 6 update.

On August 10, Overwatch 2 is getting its biggest update yet with the debut of the next hero, the arrival of Invasion PvE missions, and a new core game mode in Flashpoint, and that’s all on top of a balance patch.

Leading up to the long-anticipated patch, the developers shared details about what players can expect including nerfs to Mercy and big buffs to Lifeweaver’s Tree of Life ultimate.

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In a blog post, Game Director Aaron Keller revealed a slew of balance changes coming to Cassidy and some adjustments to the recently upgraded Soldier 76.

Overwatch 2 confirms Soldier 76 nerfs and changes to Cassidy

Soldier 76 was buffed a lot in Season 5, much to the shock of players. Interestingly, the devs have decided to tone down those changes to kick off Season 6.

According to Keller, the team doesn’t feel that Soldier 76 is “oppressive” after his buffs, but they will still be adjusting his damage.

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Soldier 76 fires Helix RocketBlizzard Entertainment
Soldier 76 is getting nerfed a bit in Season 6.

Soldier 76’s Helix Rocket damage is getting decreased and Tactical Visor is going charge slower.

While Keller didn’t give any specifics, decreasing Helix Rocket’s damage from 120 is going to mean players will need to be more accurate with their primary fire to confirm frags.

Elsewhere, Cassidy is getting a whole bunch of changes, starting with his controversial Magnetic Grenade. The ability will have its range shortened with its 1.5-second travel time.

New Cassidy ability in OW2Blizzard Entertainment
Cassidy is getting a HP buff for Overwatch 2 Invasion.

However, the cowboy is getting buffs to compensate. The gunslinger is getting a health increase alongside changes to his damage fall-off. This could mean Cassidy will join the Reaper and Mei in the 250 HP club.

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The next Overwatch 2 patch is going to be one for the ages, especially with a new hero arriving. Be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest as Invasion begins August 10.