Below Deck’s Captain Sandy joins Simone Biles & Malala Yousafzai with major honor

Captain Sandy Yawn to be honored alongside her sister.Instagram: captainsandrayawn

Below Deck Captain and podcast host Sandy Yawn has just been given a distinguished honor alongside her sister and other celebrity honorees.

Below Deck’s Captain Sandy has spent over 30 years in the yachting business and she has no intentions to stop.

With so much maritime experience, Captain Sandy has inevitably gained respect from many.

With that respect, she and her sister were recently given a major honor for having been relevant experts in their career fields.

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Captain Sandy is recognized as an inspiration to many

Having already been awarded the 2006 Distinguished Crew Award by the International Super Yacht Society, Captain Sandy is no stranger to prestigious honors.

She’s had more years at sea than on land, and she’s made headway for females in the industry both crew and Captain wise. 

Captain Sandy also has a podcast with her longtime girlfriend Leah Shafer where she discusses leadership, business, relationships, and more.

Captain Sandy and her longtime girlfriend Leah Shafer.Instagram: captainsandrayawn
Captain Sandy and her longtime girlfriend Leah Shafer.

Her sister, Michelle Dunham is also acclaimed in her field of work, as she founded the Jacksonville School for Autism. The school was inspired by a curriculum she saw fit for her son Nicholas.

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Together, Captain Sandy and her sister Michelle make for two courageous and inspirational women, as Captain Sandy also battled her way out of addiction throughout her career.

With that being said, the two are now being honored as Co-Godmothers of a renowned cruise ship called Celebrity Ascent. The ship will be revealed by sea later this year.

However, in the meantime, Captain Sandy and Michelle join other Godmother honorees from previous years like Olympian Simone Biles, Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani, and Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

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To be honored as a Godmother of a cruise ship means that you’ve been regarded as a spiritual embodiment of a vessel and a woman who inspires, protects and positively impacts the lives of those who sail on the ship itself.

The Celebrity Ascent ship will be revealed on December 1 this year where Captain Sandy and her sister Michelle will be in attendance for the ceremony along with 3,260 passengers.

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