Love Island’s Casa Amor to shake up the villa with 13 new bombshells

Love Island Casa Amor bombshells celebrating their entrance to the villa.Instagram: loveislandusa

With Love Island being halfway through Season 5, Casa Amor bombshells look to shake up the villa and create a bond with whoever they see fit, single or not. 

Love Island’s Casa Amor calls for cold showers and regrets made.

It’s a chance for new islanders to shake things up as well as an opportunity for current cast mates to reignite their inhibitions with who they’re already paired with or someone completely new.

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The purpose, however, is to really give the islanders a chance to find love — and with the 13 new bombshells that are about to make their way to the villa, some individuals just may be in luck.

As 13 new bombshells take to the villa, Casa Amor will be the ultimate test of trust.Instagram: loveislandusa
As 13 new bombshells take to the villa, Casa Amor will be the ultimate test of trust.

Can the current couples withstand 13 new bombshells?

With the addition of Imani and Mike, the villa currently only has a few single contestants, as Bergie and the two most recent bombshells have not been coupled up yet.

However, before the 13 new bombshells arrive on the island for the beginning of Casa Amor, an elimination will be made, as viewers voted on the least-liked male and female islanders.

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Up for “the most dramatic dumping yet” are Keenan, Harrison, Kenzo, Leo, Emily, Destiny, Carmen, and Kassy.

What’s surprising about the voter’s decision is their choice to potentially vote Keenan off and keep Kay Kay his couples partner, as fans have caught on to his two-timing ways.

Now that 13 new bombshells are heading to one of the two villas, will couples like Marco and Hannah stand the chance? And could Kenzo and Carmen build on what they have before it all crumbles down?

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Hannah and Bergie contemplating the potential dumping from viewers votes.Instagram: loveislandusa
Hannah and Bergie contemplate the shocking islanders up for elimination.

Not to mention Keenan and Kay Kay who are already on the cusp of a separation and Leo and Kassy who have battled with losing each other once before.

But the Season’s ultimate test, Casa Amor, will tell all, as new guys stay with the existing girls and new girls stay with the existing guys in two separate villas. 

It’s one of the most anticipated parts of Love Island, and the 13 new contestants look more than ready to dive right into getting to know both single and taken islanders.

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Though fans will have to say goodbye to two contestants before meeting the bombshells, Episode 19 of Love Island USA will air tonight on Peacock where Casa Amor will come to life and relationships will be tested.

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