TFBlade calls out Riot Korea for IP ban hitting multiple content creators

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Ashkan ‘TFBlade’ Homayouni has called out Riot Games Korea on social media for allegedly IP banning the hotel he is staying in, which has banned other content creators from playing League of Legends as well.

Multiple European and North American streamers and content creators, including TFBlade, ‘Dantes’ and ‘Dentention,’ are in South Korea for a boot camp. The creators are testing their skills against in one of the best League of Legends ranked servers in the world and creating content for their fans.

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However, those streamers have now been banned from playing the game. TFBlade, and other creators, have claimed that Riot Korea has banned their IP address from playing LoL due to some of their toxic behavior.

In a post about the situation, TFBlade said that he was banned three times in the same day in South Korea and admits to acting toxic in some of his matches in the country. He also says that he used a second, and a third account, to play on the ranked ladder after his first was banned.

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“Only thing that is unfair is to put the blame on me for Riot Korea being stupid and banning other streamers because I got banned, that is their decision and not mine,” he said.

TFBalde, other League streams, banned in South Korea

Dantes has confirmed that him and other streamers in the bootcamp have been banned as well.

“My account has been permanently suspended. In the last 30 minutes, almost every single bootcamper has been banned. The NA / EUW League invasion of KR has been temporarily halted,” he said.

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LCS insider Sander ‘LCS Evee’ Hove has put together a timeline of the events that led to the ban. Apparently TFBlade was toxic in a matche with famous South Korean players. Those players then went to some of the biggest League forums in the country and posted about their experience.

Afterward, one of the North American content creators at the bootcamp, Detention was in a game with a South Korean pro player. The player told the creator that he would try to get his account banned. Then TFBlade recived his first ban, started using his new accounts and the IP ban went into effect.

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The creators are still banned at the time of writing this article.

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