Love Island fans convinced Scott & Catherine are back together after Season 10 reunion

Scott and Catherine from Love IslandITV2

Are Scott and Catherine from Love Island Season 10 back together? The reunion and after-party just seemed to confirm it. And fans are happier than ever.

Even though we know to expect the unexpected, Season 10 of Love Island was full of entertaining twists.

By the end of the season, Jess Harding and Sammy Root were picked as the winning couple. Now that the islanders are back home, the romantic relationships they made inside the villa are being put to the test.

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Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah-Wilson have already called it quits, which instantly caused fans to root for her to end up with her former flame, Scott Van Der Sluis.

The two seemed to be inseparable before Catherine came back to the villa with Elom from Casa Amor. 

Nevertheless, it looks like fans won’t have to wonder anymore. The Season 10 reunion just gave us major hints about their rekindled relationship.

Are Love Island’s Catherine and Scott back together?

During the reunion, Catherine and Scott shared a look that instantly made viewers feel like they were back together.

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To fuel the flame even more, islander Ruchee Gurung shared a clip of the two dancing together after the reunion was filmed. Catherine had her arms wrapped around him, while Scott held onto her waist.

Fans have since swarmed social media to share their reactions to their flirtatious moments. Most are extremely happy and rooting for them, while others want to make sure they take things slow this time around and not get pressured.

All signs seem to be pointing to the two giving their relationship another try. Love is in the air!

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