Temptation Island’s Makayla officially calls Hall her “boyfriend” in sneak preview

Hall and Makayla from Temptation Island season 5Instagram

Temptation Island stars Makayla and Hall are getting more serious inside the villa as Makayla refers to Hall as her “boyfriend” in episode 9.

Season 5 of Temptation Island heats up as Hall and Makayla’s relationship continues to flourish. Now that Hall has officially called off his engagement to Kaitlin, he is ready to jump right into his romance with the 24-year-old Makayla. 

Makayla initially entered the villa as a “single,” but now that label seems inappropriate since she and Hall are getting more serious with each passing day. 

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In a sneak preview for episode 9 of Temptation Island, it looks like Hall and Makayla are becoming an official pair. 

Makayla refers to Hall as her “boyfriend” in the Temptation Island sneak preview

Following episode 8 of Temptation Island, Hall called off a nearly decade-long relationship with his now ex-fiancé, Kaitlin. After breaking things off, Hall returned to the villa to inform Makayla that he is now able to pursue her in full swing. It didn’t take long for the two to test out their feelings for each other, and that night, Makayla and Hall slept in the same bed.

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It seems as though things are moving exceptionally fast for the new couple, and their whirlwind romance doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, in the latest sneak preview for episode 9 of Temptation Island, Makayla even calls Hall her “boyfriend.”

Of course, the internet has a lot to say about Hall and Makayla’s courtship, some even going so far to suggest that the 24-year-old isn’t in it for the long run.

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“I honestly feel bad for her,” one fan wrote on the Temptation Island Reddit thread. “She was cast to be a temptation and now she has to pretend to actually like Hall who is like 12 years older than her. She’s so young and he’s ready to jump all in 😭 dude is craaaazy.”

Another agreed, noting how disappointed Makayla appeared when Hall told her he ended his engagement with Kaitlin. “She’s 24 and did not come on this show to find a husband or someone to have kids with,” they wrote. “I think she liked playing the game but didn’t actually want a serious relationship. I think reality is hitting her.”

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Keep watching Temptation Island to see if Hall and Makayla can make their relationship last.

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