Big Brother slammed over “ridiculous” lack of support for deaf Season 25 contestant

Matt from Big BrotherCBS

Big Brother Season 25 viewers are raging at the production for not being accommodating to Matt’s hearing disability.

Big Brother is back with Season 25. And while it has been exciting from the very beginning, the production is still falling short. Specifically, with one contestant.

Matt Klotz is one of the contestants and the only deaf person in this season’s cast. The show is supposed to be accommodating to his disability. 

Instead, he is being forced to rely on his hearing aids to understand each challenge and the other houseguests. And rightfully so, fans are not happy with this at all.

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Why are Big Brother 25 fans upset with production?

On August 5, an angry 25 viewer took to Reddit to air out why his lack of support is unacceptable.

The Reddit user said, “I’m so frustrated with production this season, apparently Matt couldn’t understand Julie on night 1 and had to go off of what others were doing around him in order to do well in the comp. I know he won and it worked out fine but it’s so ridiculous to not have any accommodations for a disabled/deaf houseguest, what are they gonna do in a Q&A HOH, or a comp where he can’t go off of visuals??”

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Other viewers quickly hopped into the thread to share their opinions on the situation.

One fan wrote, “I really hope they aren’t just throwing him in as a token disabled person with absolutely no real accommodations. Terrible.”

Another viewer chimed in, “Yeah I can’t imagine a challenge where they have to be the first to buzz in. Seems he would be severely limited in those.”

Viewers will soon see if production takes notice of the fan backlash and becomes more accommodating.

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