Below Deck’s Captain Lee on how he was portrayed on TV: “It’s pretty close to spot-on”

Captain Lee from Below DeckInstagram: @captain_lee_rosbach

Captain Lee from Below Deck just looked back on his experience on Below Deck and how he was perceived on TV.

You can’t think about Below Deck without thinking about Captain Lee Rosbach. He was the debut captain of the series when it first premiered back in 2013.

Ultimately, after being the captain for ten seasons, he was not invited back to be the helm of Season 11.

Even though most fans do not like Captain Sandy Yawn in any way, some viewers labeled Captain Lee as a bad leader. Regardless, in a new interview, Lee says that he stands by how he was seen on camera.

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Does Below Deck’s Captain Lee like how he’s portrayed on TV?

On August 4, Lee spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment about how he is perceived on TV.

He said, “I think people have a pretty concise and accurate portrayal of what I am or who I am. Yeah, I’d say it’s pretty close to spot-on because I had a job to do as captain. They had a job to do, filming me doing my job. And as long as we didn’t get in each other’s way I was fine. And if we could do what they wanted to do safely, we did it.”

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The reality TV star went on to share that he did not change the way he conducted his work just because cameras were rolling.

Lee said, “ I didn’t change the way that I ran my boats, I didn’t change the way that I treated my people. Somebody needed firing, they’re gone.”

As of now, it doesn’t seem as though he is coming back to Below Deck. But, who knows? Anything can happen.

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