Guilty Gear Strive players dread “illegal” May buff in Season 3

May Season 3 buffs Guilty Gear StriveGuilty Gear Strive

A clip from the Season 3 trailer for Guilty Gear Strive has the community sweating bullets. May, an infamous character who has taken down many a competitor via dolphin spam, may have even more options to send a barrage of dolphins at her enemy.

Guilty Gear Strive has been a breakout success for the series, capturing a massive audience and managing to hold onto it by releasing a series of DLC characters that really resonated with both series newcomers and veterans alike.

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However, May is a character that’s earned notoriety within the Guilty Gear Strive community. Her ability to send a barrage of dolphins at her opponent from across the screen has earned her the ire of many players.

With the Season 3 trailer showing a clip of her cancelling her dolphin dash, the “Totsugeki!” spam may gain much more competitive viability in the near future.

Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 trailer causes concern with May buffs

The Guilty Gear Strive community was excited to hear more news about the future of the game. With a new defensive mechanic being added to the title, along with the return of beloved fighter Johnny, the crowd was electric. But a short clip of a new move for Mei caught the crowd off-guard.

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Seeing her cancel her so-called “Totsugeki” dolphin dash move has fans dreading the implications of adding a way for May to play mind games with her dolphin spam.

The crowd took a moment to scream in dismay after seeing her jump off the dolphin, and initial reactions haven’t exactly been positive.

What was hype turned to dread as players saw her hop off the dolphin with ease, propelling herself into the air giving herself an opening to score an unexpected hit.

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Though it’s yet to be confirmed how this move will function within her kit and what she’ll be able to do with it, this clip alone was enough to spark backlash from the community.

Everyone from pros to casual players have had a negative reaction to the clip.

This may seem like an overreaction, but May’s power level upon the release of Guilty Gear Strive quickly earned her the ire of the community. With this context in mind, the community’s adverse reaction makes a bit more sense.

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It remains to be seen how May’s Season 3 buffs pan out and whether or not the developers behind Guilty Gear Strive will respond to the negative reactions from players.

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