EVO 2023 competitor wins his match despite two controllers breaking on him

Evo player wins despite breaking two controllersDacidbro | Twitter

A competitor at EVO was unable to use both his keyboard and his normal controller in a competition, resorting to borrowing an arcade stick he’d never used from a bystander. However, this player managed to win his set against all odds.

EVO 2023 is arguably the biggest fighting game event in the world, and it brings competitors from all around the world together to duke it out in their favorite titles.

However, there are times when players’ equipment fails them. One competitor was left at a loss after both his controller and keyboard weren’t working, but a bystander agreed to let him use their arcade stick.

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Despite the odds and working with a controller he’d never used before, this player managed to clutch out the win.

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While the competitor chose not to give his name out, according to ‘Dacidbro,’ the owner of the fightstick, that doesn’t make his story any less incredible.

According to Dacidbro, this anonymous player’s keyboard wasn’t usable due to the converter not working. Upon discovering it wasn’t working, the player tried to borrow a normal controller from another competitor, only to find out that controller was broken, as well.

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Dacidbro stepped in and offered this competitor his fight stick. While that one worked, he didn’t know how to use it. After a quick 10 minute lesson, this player was off to pools. And, against the odds, he won his match.

Apparently, things didn’t go too well after the first match – but the fact he was able to get at least one win with a controller he’d never used before is a huge victory.

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And, while the result is nice, this entire exchange also goes to show how connected the FGC is. Two different people attending helped this player out, and he managed to participate and have fun despite the odds thanks to the goodwill of people who were there.

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