OBSKUR’s brand-new mocap box is a game-changer for VTubers

Woman in mocap gear using OBSKUR softwareOBSKUR

Today, Movella has launched OBSKUR, a new streaming app that can recreate environments in Unreal Engine 5. This is being launched with a new Mocap Box, which allows for upper-body tracking, which is huge for VTubers.

Movella, a company previously known for being in the movie industry, has its sights set on streaming as the next great frontier. Today, the company has announced a new pair of tools, named OBSKUR, which can create Unreal Engine 5 environments that require little to no technical knowledge to set up.

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You can get real-time rendering, physics, animations, and more. Thanks to something named the VRM Character Importer, VTubers can even bring over their rigs to the new software.

Andranik Aslanyan, OBSKUR’s founder and product line director comments: “Our all-in-one app takes the pain points out of streaming, so users can focus on creating great content instead of technical difficulties.”

Alongside this, the company is also launching an OBSKUR Mocap Box, which costs $1995. This motion capture box brings Hollywood-grade motion capture tech named Xsens to a more consumer-friendly audience. Xsens has previously been used in blockbuster movies like The Avengers, Avatar, Black Panther, and more. With additional gloves for individual finger tracking, the combination is looking like a potent performer for VTubers looking to step up their game.

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This could be huge for VTubers

OBSKUR Vtuber model in softwareOBSKUR

Xsens licenses have previously been available to use, but have been prohibitively expensive for many, leading them to use cheaper alternatives, like Sony’s Mocopi devices. Now, budding Vtubers and veterans alike will be able to get their hands on enterprise-grade streaming gear, for a much cheaper price.

While almost $2000 will be a tough pill to swallow for many, it still pales in comparison to the costs facing professional VTubers when looking at pro motion capture products.

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The OBSKUR upper body motion capture device features the following in the box:

  • 9 wireless sensors powered by Xsens Fusion
  • Up to 50-meter range
  •  Up to 12 hours of battery life
  •  Proprietary wireless for a stable connection
  •  OBSKUR Mocap Dongle

Additionally, you also get the gloves, for full finger tracking, and straps that allow for a full range of motion and comfort, without any of the sensors slipping off.

The software itself could also allow you to integrate with face tracking, and then edit materials and further particle effects live on stream. This could be a sea-change for budding VTubers, since the very, very expensive tech is finally becoming more accessible.

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