Skate 4 devs warn players against downloading leaked build

skate 4 leaked buildElectronic Arts

In addressing the recently leaked Skate 4 build, developers have warned players to avoid downloading unofficial files from the internet.

Pre-alpha Skate 4 gameplay leaks began making the rounds a few months ago, drawing mixed responses from onlookers who’ve long awaited the series’ return.

Someone with access to an early build managed to circumvent EA’s security measures, opening the door for a widely available version of Skate 4 to potentially hit the web.

While a playable version of the leaked gameplay has yet to go live, developer Full Circle released a statement to preemptively address issues that may crop up.

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Full Circle warns players about leaked Skate 4 build

skate 4 leaked buildElectronic Arts
Skate 4 devs claim the gameplay from recent leaks is several months old.

In a blog post on the official Skate website, Full Circle acknowledged the release of an “early version” of Skate that someone distributed without authorization.

“This build is from September 2021 and was never intended for external use,” the developer’s message continues.

The post goes on to advise against “downloading files from unknown sources,” then encourages players to remember the consequences that could arise from infringing on Electronic Arts’ Terms of Service.

If the leaked Skate 4 build does find its way online, then, users would do well to avoid it at all costs.

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Full Circle plans on sharing more details about the next Skate entry during its The Board Room presentation on Thursday, July 14. The stream will begin at 9:00 AM PDT and last for an unspecified amount of time.

Announced at EA Play Live 2020, the upcoming Skate installment has been a long time coming. The last title in the series, Skate 3, hit store shelves in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Given the skateboarding game renaissance with the relatively recent launches of Skater XL and the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater collection, now seems as good a time as any for Skate’s resurgence.

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