Final Fantasy & Magic: The Gathering collide in next Universes Beyond set

Magic: The Gathering’s next tentpole Universes Beyond set will be a crossover with Final Fantasy. It would be the second set of its kind after Lord of the Rings.

The next major MTG Universes Beyond set will be a collaboration between Wizards of the Coast and Square Enix. Magic: The Gathering is going to be releasing a fully-fledged set in 2025 featuring every mainline Final Fantasy game released.

This means that Magic could see cards featuring fan favorites like Sephiroth, Vaan, and Clive. Spanning the full breadth of the series though, MTG’s Final Fantasy set could include anyone from Kefka to the side characters from the Waking Sands in Final Fantasy XIV.

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It’s a fascinating proposition, one that could send fans speculating for the next couple of years. As with the Lord of the Rings set before it, Wizards tend to announce these things relatively early.

The same can be seen with the rest of the GenCon announcements, including an all-new Fallout Commander set, along with everything up to 2026 being announced.

As it’s being described as a “tentpole booster release”, this means that Wizards will be dishing everything they normally would around a set. Three types of boosters, bundles, and potentially Commander decks will all be sold come 2025.

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Magic: The Gathering to get Final Fantasy crossover

Final Fantasy 16 coverSquare Enix

It’s a slightly odd choice for Square Enix to choose to do a collaboration with Magic. Square actually makes its own Final Fantasy trading card game, which was released in 2011 in Japan and in 2016 worldwide.

The game has been popular with players, with an apparent 20 million packs sold in total since its launch. While that definitely has a bigger audience in Japan, it still proves popular in the West. Our local games store actually has held an event as recent as August 1st.

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Lord of the Rings was recently announced as Magic’s second best-selling set of all time. The chase for The One Ring presumably drove a number of those sales though. Within the meta of the game, some cards now make up the winning decks of recent Pro Tour tournaments.

Preorders for the next Universes Beyond set for Doctor Who are live on Amazon:

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