Fallout Magic: The Gathering themed Commander decks incoming

GenCon has seen Wizards of the Coast announce a slew of new Magic: The Gathering product, with Fallout Commander decks on the way.

Popular post-apocalypse RPG series Fallout is coming to Magic: The Gathering in March 2024. The storied series will be launching as a new Commander set, rather than a full-on booster set.

This presumably means that it’ll see four decks launch, similar to Doctor Who, Warhammer, and Lord of the Rings, as well the recent Commander Masters. Wizards mentioned that the Fallout decks will feature fan favorites, like super mutants and raiders.

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It’ll be interesting to see who makes the cut for legendary creatures in the decks. While we expect to see characters like Mr. House and The Courier from Fallout: New Vegas, we don’t suspect we’ll see someone like Butch DeLoria from The Tunnel Snakes from Fallout 3 as a named character card.

Fallout and MTG are coming together in new Commander decks

Aside from potential characters, Wizards mention that the Fallout decks will allow players to “recreate some of Fallout’s most famous – and outlandish – moments”.

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We’d hazard a guess that the decks might incorporate something like Planechase, which is being featured in the upcoming Doctor Who set.

This would allow Wizards to highlight some iconic locales from the games, and maybe let us blow up Megaton again.

Our guesses for the decks themselves revolve around the various factions in the wasteland. Will we see a Frank Garrigan deck or is Fallout 2 out of the range Wizards and Bethesda are willing to go?

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What is Magic Universes Beyond?

Magic’s Universes Beyond was originally created in collaboration with The Walking Dead but was only released as a limited edition Secret Lair in 2019. Since then, from the select few cards released, Rick became a staple in certain Vintage and Legacy decks.

While there was some pushback from fans, Lord of the Rings recently went on to become Magic’s second best-selling set of all time. The next major release like it will be Final Fantasy in 2025.

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Preorders for the next Universes Beyond set for Doctor Who are live on Amazon:

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