EA FC 24 Evolutions explained: Upgrade attributes, learn positions, more

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EA FC 24 finally allows players to keep their favorite Ultimate Team cards relevant throughout a game’s life cycle. Here is everything you need to know about Evolutions.

A steep power curve makes using your favorite Ultimate Team card nearly impossible for longer than a few months. FIFA constantly releases new promos with higher overall players. And before you know it, your club legend is forced to take a permanent seat on the bench or be relegated to the reserves unless they are lucky enough to receive an additional special card.

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EA SPORTS 24 attempts to fix that issue with the introduction of Evolutions. For the first time in series history, players will be able to upgrade cards over the course of a year by completing objectives.

Let’s jump right into how this exciting system works.

How to upgrade Ultimate Team players in EA FC 24.

Evolutions allow users to upgrade their squad players’ base stats to turn them into better cards. Any player who fits the requirements for evolution can be evolved, including all promo cards and Team of the Week cards that will release during FC 24.

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Players can also acquire new PlayStyles for their favorite cards, including PlayStyles+. EA confirmed that Evolution takes place seasonally, so a player can unlock upgrades during each season of FC 24 if they meet the requirements.

haaland, vinicius jr, and kerr in ea fc 24EA Sports

Players can upgrade individual attributes, including shooting, physical, defending, pace, passing, and dribbling by completing objectives themed around that area. For example, to improve a player’s shooting, an objective of scoring goals may require completion to evolve the player.

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The feature also allows evolved players to learn a new position. This means a midfielder could be turned into a winger and more.

EA FC 24’s Senior Producer told Dexerto how he thinks Evolutions will affect the Ultimate Team meta going forward.

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