We create first scientific blockchain panel of global top experts voting for the rating of longevity and Emerging Technologies




Chisinaulongevity impact forum


DAYS Foundation presents a methodology for creating a Rating of scientists in the field of anti-aging, longevity and digital health.

The purpose of this rating is to select the most promising companies / groups of scientists in the field of anti-aging, whose technologies are worth investing in. The companies voted by scientists for the Rating will be discussed at Longevity Impact Forum. The announce was presented at World Economic Forum in January 2019 and at DAYS Oxford Conference in 2018.

This way DAYS will consolidate global scientific and investment potential for longevity and digital health


Election of the DAYS Blockchain Panel

The election of the DAYS Blockchain Scientific Panel, including 100 leading global experts in the field of life extension and P4 Medicine, will be performed by the DAYS contributors, by the formula: one contributor - one vote.

The Rating methodology for now is as follows:

rating methodology

Principles of the DAYS Blockchain Panel

For the expert voting, we’ll utilize Blockchain voting panel that is like an ordinary Internet voting but taking into account the rating of the voter.

That is, the expert answers are weighted based on his rating weights. Utilizing the Blockchain principle for voting will ensure the transparency of expert voting since one will be able to check the initial weights of voters.

liquid democracy in SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES

We stimulate a crowdsourcing mechanism of researches. Blockchain panel have rotatition according to the results of startups the Scientific Panel member voted for.

To candidate for inclusion in LIFORUM list of scientists you have to make your List of longevity technologies. If your selection of technologies for life extension will be recognized scientifically significant.- you’ll get invitation to our Forum!

Authors of the collections of technologies with the largest number of likes will get prizes: invitations to the Longevity Forum, and following Restart Cruise, where DAYS will present longevity technologies, selected to DAYS Catalogue.

How to get invited to Longevity Impact Forum

1. See our Documents on the top of page,
2. Send your request by click on the button below.

You vote for scientists VOTE NOW Rating of top-experts is based on liquid democracy principles: your vote matters
Scientists vote for startups

Top 5 scientists:


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