KTI demonstrates therapeutic and anti-aging benefits of Klotho protein.

Klotho Therapeutics, Inc. (KTI), a San Diego, CA-based biotechnology company focused on commercializing its version of the protein/hormone Klotho

KTI to accelerate human trials and understand the therapeutic benefits of Klotho better," said Jim Plante, KTI founder. 

Naturally occurring in humans and animals, Klotho positively influences longevity, cognition and kidney function as well as slowing progression of diabetes and cancer.

Recombinant Klotho protein administration is a method where translation to human therapeutics is much more practical and proximal. Challenges in optimization of preparation, achieving adequate bioactivity, and prolongation of its short half-life notwithstanding, recombinant Klotho is still the only method that allows dosing and precise control of therapeutic levels. Klotho driven by strong universal promoter in conventional cDNA plasmids has also been either directly injected [6] or delivered while encapsulated by a virus which is not pathogenic

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