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Life Biosciences LLC, the longevity startup founded by Harvard researcher David Sinclair and Tristan Edwards. It is funded by WeWork's billionaire Adam Neumann The company has six subsidiaries across four continents. Adding to that, it just acquired Lua Technologies Inc., a health-care communications company, to power Life Biosciences' research collaboration platform. To continue global expansion efforts, Life Biosciences is also looking to raise up to $25 million in new financing. Life Biosciences has secured several prominent aging and longevity researchers including Dr. Nir Barzilai. Life Biosciences' portfolio covers a range of longevity research and therapeutics including drugs to target metabolic diseases like diabetes, the use of stem cells to aid in senescent, or so-called "zombie" cell removal, and compounds to prolong life for pets. Two of Life Biosciences' current companies, Senolytic Therapeutics Inc. and Jumpstart Fertility Inc., were acquired at a very early stage while the other four were formed in-house.


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