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Elysium is one of several companies founded at around the same time by people with backgrounds in the tech industry and Silicon Valley who saw opportunities in the health and biomedical industries, often focused on anti-aging. The Elysium Health Scientific Advisory Board is a network of world-renowned scientists, including eight Nobel Prize winners. Elysium Health’s mission is to solve the biggest challenges in health with science, to help people live healthier for longer. Elysium works directly with top scientists, clinicians and health professionals around the world to translate advances in science and technology into innovative health products that work. Its product development pipeline includes Basis. Basis can help with quality sleep, enhanced endurance, and more daily energy. It’s better health from the cells up. 25 years of aging research in a single capsule. Basis is the clinically proven way to increase NAD+ levels, supporting energy creation, DNA health and more.. Elysium Health cofounder is Leonard Guarente, who also serves as the director of MIT’s center for aging research. Guarente’s lab found it also activates sirtuins. NAD+ levels decline naturally with age, no matter how cleanly you eat or how long you run on the treadmill. But recent research from Elysium Health shows that it’s possible to increase NAD+ levels even after they’ve fallen — and once they get back up to higher levels, they’ll help cells stay healthy and activate sirtuins again.


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