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KLOTHO Therapeutics (KTI) is a biotechnology company developing patent-pending Klotho proteins with great potential to redefine society’s experience with aging. Klotho, a naturally occurring human protein discovered in 1997, promises to delay major diseases of aging – kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension and diabetes, according to published studies. For example, National Institutes of Health report Klotho-deficient animals live 25% shorter and look older while animals overexpressing Klotho live 20-30% longer. The company’s first focus is on kidney failure, one of the major causes of death in the U.S. that affects up to 30 million people per year, 600,000 of whom are currently on dialysis. There is no successful long-term therapy today. KTI has filed patents on modified Klotho proteins covering its expansive potential indications. Klotho may largely determine how intelligent we are, what diseases we are susceptible to and how long we will live. Injection of synthetic Klotho hormone into mice reduces injury and promotes healing in kidney failure, shrinks tumors in various cancers and ameliorates many of the diseases of aging, including loss of cognition. KTI is well-positioned to enter human trials within 2 years focused on its first indication: acute kidney disease, which kills 300k/year and represents a $2B market opportunity in U.S. alone. Led by successful biotech startup execs, KTI has de-risked the development process to accelerate human proof of concept studies


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