Gero is a data-driven longevity company developing innovative therapies that will strongly extend the healthy period of life also known as healthspan. Having a pipeline of longevity therapeutics in development, Gero is also providing health and mortality risk assessment models for life & health insurance, healthcare, and wellness industries. Gero R&D team led by Dr. Peter Fedichev applies methods from dynamics systems and physical kinetics to produce predictive models of aging process for anti-aging targets and aging biomarkers identification. Recent results include experimental therapies reducing biological age in mice, newly identified compounds extending life in other model animals, application of deep convolutional neural networks for identification of biomarkers of aging and frailty from wearable devices, and identification of genetic loci associated with human healthspan. The team has also introduced free iOS application Gero Healthspan for healthspan prediction from intraday physical activity of smartphone users.


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