All Legend buffs & nerfs in Apex Legends Season 18: Gibraltar, Seer, Pathfinder, more

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While Season 18 isn’t bringing a new Legend to the Apex Games, a number of current Legends have received buffs and nerfs in hopes of shaking up the game’s meta and making things feel fresh and fun.

Season 18, much like the recent Season 16, will not be bringing a new Legend to Apex. Instead, developers Respawn Entertainment decided to rework Revenant as ‘Revenant Reborn’, with complete changes to his Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate abilities.

It’s not only Revenant facing changes though, with a number of other Legends facing changes to even the playing field and ensure every character is viable.

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Here are all the Legend buffs and nerfs in the Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection patch notes.

Apex Legends Season 18 Legend and Class buffs & nerfs

Revenant has been reborn

  • Updated class to Skirmisher (was Assault)
  • New abilities

Ultimate Cooldowns

  • Bangalore: Rolling Thunder to 240s (+60s)
  • Catalyst: Dark Veil to 150s (+30s)
  • Gibraltar: Defensive Bombardment to 180s (-90s)
  • Horizon: Black Hole to 210s (+30s)
  • Loba: Black Market Boutique to 150s (+30s)
    • Ultimate Accelerants grant 25% ult charge (up from 20%)
  • Mad Maggie: Wrecking Ball to 120s (+30s)
  • Pathfinder: Zipline Gun to 180s (+60s)
  • Wraith: Dimensional Rift to 180s (-30s)

Tactical Updates

  • Ballistic’s Whistler
    • Reduced delay before an overheated weapon starts cooling down to 1s (was 2s)
    • Reduced how long it takes an overheated weapon to cooldown to 8s (was 12s)
  • Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend
    • Cooldown reduced to 25s (was 30s)
  • Seer’s Focus of Attention
    • Slow Duration reduced to 0.5s (was 2.5s)
    • Silence Duration reduced to 8s (was 10s)
    • Firing Speed increased to 1.4s (was 0.9s)

General Legend changes

  • Ballistic
    • C.A.R SMG doesn’t default to heavy ammo after being converted to a golden gun in sling with light ammo
    • Tempest no longer applies to teammates when friendly fire is enabled in Firing Range
  • Pathfinders voicemails during an Ash heirloom inspect no longer stretched on 16:10 resolutions
  • Gibraltar and Bangalore
    • Fixed ultimates not triggering if thrown on Ziprail Launcher and Skydive Towers
    • Fixed ultimates not cooldown if they’re killed while holding the ultimate grenade
  • Horizon: Lethal Lass skin no longer obstructs ADS on Prowler with 1x HOLO
  • Loba: Lunar Wolf skin no longer has broken mesh
  • Rampart: Sheila’s ammo counter now correctly rotated

With all these changes in tow, even without a new character to play, the meta is bound to be shaken up.

Remember, Revenant is unlocked for all players this season, and you can unlock him permanently by completing challenges before the end of Season 18.

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