iiTzTimmy wowed by Apex Legends’ “insane” Revenant rework

apex legends revenant iitztimmy headerRespawn Entertainment / Instagram: iitztimmy

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment brought pro player and streamer iiTzTimmy on to showcase Revenant’s upcoming rework.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has officially unveiled the first look at Revenant Reborn, which is a complete rework for the stealthy Assault Legend.

This is a complete first for the team at Respawn, as many characters have received tweaks and changes to their ability sets here and there, Revenant has essentially been reworked from the ground up.

Now, the dev team has brought on pro Apex Legends player and streamer iiTzTimmy to share the first look at Revenant’s new ability set in action, and the content creator was wowed by the character’s potential.

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iiTzTimmy and more react to Apex Legends Revenant rework

The official Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted out a 2-minute video that featured the 100T player and Game Designer Evan Funnell going over the new changes.

Timmy opened the video by saying the Revenant rework looked “insane” and that “movement techies” would enjoy his expanded kit.

For those who haven’t seen Revenant’s new kit, we have a handy breakdown of all his new abilities here. The important thing to note is his revamped passive, called Assassin’s Instinct, lets him climb on walls for much longer and much farther than before.

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His passive also lets him see enemies who are low health and mark the ones he gets to low health himself. His new Tactical is called Shadow Pounce, and it lets Revenant unleash a huge lunge that can transition into a wall climb.

iiTzTimmy wasn’t the only content creator who reacted to Rev’s new kit, with players like TimProVision and 100 Thieves’ NiceWigg reacting on Twitter.

“He’s going to be so good,” said TimProVision, while the 100T player said the new Rev looked “super fun now” and that he’d be the “SOLO Q ranked pick 10/10.”

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With movement-based Legends being favorites among the community, Revenant very well could see a huge surge in pick rate once his rework is fully implemented. Regardless, it seems many fans are excited about what the new and improved robotic assassin can do.

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