How to get free 2023 World Championship avatar T-shirts in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go 2023 World Championship Celebration eventNiantic

Two free avatar T-shirts will be made available in Pokemon Go in August 2023, to coincide with the Pokemon World Championships. Here’s a look at how trainers can get the two shirts.

The Pokemon World Championships are set for August 2023 and Pokemon Go players should prepare for special in-game specials that will coincide with the event.

Among those bonuses will be two free 2023 World Championships T-shirts that can be obtained and equipped on an avatar.

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Here’s how trainers can get the two T-shirts.

A collection of various Gen 1 Pokemon from Kanto as part of past GO event.Niantic

How to get Yellow World Championship T-shirt in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Yellow World Championship T-shirt can be obtained with a special code that will be revealed during the Pokemon World Championships.

Per Niantic, the Yellow T-shirt will be made available globally with a code that will be broadcast on August 11 — the first day of the World Championship.

The first day of the Pokemon World Championships will be aired on Twitch.

How to get Gray World Championship T-shirt in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Gray World Championship T-shirt can be obtained by claiming it in the game’s in-app shop.

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The Gray T-shirt will be made available at no additional cost. It’s set to be added to the mobile game on August 11.

The new T-shirts for avatars are just one piece of content that’s set for the weekend of the World Championships. Passimian will be made to encounter in 3-star Raids and Field Research, and a slew of Pokemon will be able to learn special moves upon evolution.

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