Jake Paul’s victory over Nate Diaz stirs controversy as fans claim ‘rigged’

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz show respect after their fightEsther Lin/Most Valuable Promotions

In the wake of Jake Paul’s victory over Nate Diaz, a storm of controversy has emerged, with many fans once again questioning the authenticity of the bout.

Social media was filled with skepticism following Paul’s unanimous decision victory on Saturday, August 5, with numerous fans labeling the fight as ‘rigged.’ A trend that’s been a constant through Paul’s boxing career.

One standout tweet contrasted the aftermath of Jake’s boxing bout with the grueling WWE match featuring his brother, Logan Paul.

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The tweet read: “Logan Paul looks worse after a Pro Wrestling match than Jake Paul looks after a ‘real’ boxing match,” implying that Jake’s fight might have been less punishing than the predetermined wrestling bout Logan had.

Several fans took to Twitter, questioning the authenticity of Jake’s boxing victories. Statements ranged from declaring the fights as clearly scripted to casting doubts on the impact of his knockdown against Diaz.

The noticeable absence of any damage on Jake’s face after the bout further fueled the speculation, leading some fans to decry such ‘circus fights’ for diminishing the credibility and appeal of the sport.

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However, there is an alternate, simpler reality to consider. Jake Paul, while originally a social media phenomenon, has consistently shown his prowess and development as a boxer.

His victories over renowned ex-UFC veterans have surprised fans, but it’s important to understand that the fighting skill set required for MMA doesn’t necessarily translate to boxing, which might explain the perceived disparities in some of these fights.

In his victory over Diaz, Jake demonstrated clear superiority, landing more punches and largely controlling the pace of the fight. While MMA veteran Diaz has had a formidable career in his own right, he was no match for Jake inside the boxing ring.

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Addressing the criticism post-match, Jake Paul confronted the rigged claims head-on. He asserted that even if he transitions into MMA and wins against Diaz, the same rigged accusations would surface.

“They’ll say it’s rigged,” Paul said to MMA Junkie. “They’ll say he got paid to take a dive because they won’t even believe it. I’m going to show them the impossible and prove to the kids out there that you can do anything if you’re crazy enough.”

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Despite the controversy, it’s clear that Jake Paul’s journey in the world of boxing, and perhaps soon in MMA, continues to draw attention and stir up conversations.