How to watch NICKMERCS’ Apex Legends Gauntlet League featuring top players and streamers

NICKMERCS Gauntlet League graphicNICKMERCS

While fans wait for the ALGS Year 3 Championship NICKMERCS announced his own league featuring the Apex Legend’s best North American players.

DarkZero took down the reigning ALGS Champions TSM and 18 other teams to win the ALGS Stage 2 Finals and walk away with $300,000 in front of a raucous London crowd. Unfortunately for fans eager to watch more action, the Year 3 Championship doesn’t start until September 6.

NICKMERCS seized the opportunity and announced a new competitive Apex Legends event to fill the void. During Warzone’s heyday, the streamer memorably hosted MFAM Gauntlet events. The Tournaments featured prize pools of up to $20,000 and jumpstarted the game’s competitive scene.

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Instead of just a one-off tournament, the Gauntlet League goes one step further. Here is everything you need to know about NICKMERCS’ latest project.



Gauntlet League explained

The Gauntlet League puts a unique spin on the traditional Apex Legends competitive format. Usually, teams of three compete in events, but NICKMERCS is hosting a solo queue league.

The streamer didn’t reveal specifics, but solo queue implies that competitors load into random matches and race to rack up the most kills.

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Gauntlet League start date and how to watch

NICKMERCS confirmed that the Gauntlet League spans three weeks of daily action. The season was originally scheduled to start on August 7, but NICKMERCS announced a delay.

On August 7, the leader of the MFAM Army stated: “Our target launch day was today, but we are hammering out some last-minute details with EA before we can kick off.”

NICKMERCS added: “To ensure that we put out the best and most complete version of our competition, we will be pushing back the launch date. A new starting date will be announced soon!”

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We will provide an update when the Gauntlet League has an official start date.

Gauntlet League prize pool

The Gauntlet League features a prize pool of $50,000 in weekly and overall cash prizes. Everything culminates with a $35,000 prize pool playoffs. NICMERCS did not announce who will compete in the league, but we will provide an update when more is revealed.

That is everything we know about The Gauntlet League. For more, make sure to check out the rest of our competitive Apex Legends coverage.

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