ImperialHal bashes “terrible” Revenant Reborn ahead of Apex Legends Season 18

ImperialHal in TSM jersey alongside revenant reborn in apex legendsTSM/Respawn

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen believes Revenant Reborn will actually be “worse” for the Apex Legends character and that it’ll be “terrible” to use in competitive play. 

Prior to the start of Apex Legends Season 17, leakers and dataminers started talking about Revenant Reborn as if Respawn were testing a brand-new character to go up against the pre-existing Revenant. 

Fast forward to Season 18 and we know now that Revenant Reborn is a character overhaul. The terrifying simulacrum will no longer have his team-focused Death Totem ultimate, but, instead has an ultimate that allows players to not take damage for a brief period. Though, it comes with an increased hitbox.

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Additionally, Rev Reborn will be able to ‘leap’ toward enemies and have a bit of a scan on nearby foes with low health. These changes have sparked plenty of excitement from players, but ImperialHal isn’t quite sold. 

ImperialHal believes Revenant Reborn will be “worse” than before

The TSM IGL touched on the changes shortly after they were revealed on August 2 after fans on Twitch asked if he could see it having an impact on competitive play. 

“I could care less about that character. If it’s not a comp character, I don’t give a f*ck. It will not be a comp character, that character is straight up you think you’re Aceu in 1v3 pubs character,” he said, suggesting it would be “fun” for casual matches but not in Ranked or ALGS play. 

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“The Rev ult is a solo thing now, not a team thing right? It’s kind of like a nerf in a way. I haven’t really looked at it,” Hal added. “Basically, you’re a solo Rev ult’ing with extra shields. That character is even worse, to be honest. It’s only good for pubs and stuff.”

Hal continued noting that Revenant previously got some joy in competitive play but will now be “terrible” with the Revenant Reborn changes. 

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“It would be OP as f*ck if they had the whole team with extra shields. Like, if you Rev ult’d and had shields and he could bounce up on walls and stuff, then there’s a discussion,” he concluded. 

Once the new season starts, the character will shoot up in terms of pick rate as everyone rushes to test it, but Hal won’t be the first to do so.

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